Passing the Test

Observed drives – Observed drives are tailored to meet individual needs and are arranged between observers and associates at mutually convenient times and places.

About the test – The Advanced Driving Test lasts for about 90 minutes and usually covers between 30/40 miles along a variety of road types – including city and country driving, dual carriageways and motorways (if available). During the test the Examiner will thoroughly assess your driving ability according to the different road conditions. Whilst on the test, you will negotiate hazards and situations, utilising the skills and techniques that you have developed during your observed driver training. Your Examiner will be looking for confident, safe driving, using optimum road positioning and excellent observation, to safely deal with unpredictable roads. The main criteria for passing the test are to display a consistent, solid driving performance in all road situations, rather than excelling in one specific situation. The Advanced Driving Test is not easy but is within the reach of all drivers given the right guidance – with many applicants commenting on how much they enjoyed the drive.